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From Seasonal Worker to Full-Time Staffer: A Guide to Get the Job

Read this great article from Movin’ On Up… The workplace is always changing. And, it always has been. But factors like a down economy and ever-advancing technologies have recently meant big changes, including company mergers, downsizing, restructuring, and turnover. In order to thrive – and sometimes just survive in today’s environment, employees – like their employers – have had to learn to adapt.

Being flexible to the changes happening in and around your company can help make you a valuable asset to your team and your employer. But whether it’s adjusting to a new boss, project, or even just to a new cube mate, change isn’t always easy. Here are three tips to help you embrace change in your workplace.

Choose Optimism Over Fear

The unknown can seem scary, but when you’re facing transitions at work, make a conscious effort to respond with optimism instead of fear. Try to focus on the upcoming opportunities instead of the unanswered questions or uncertainty you may be feeling. You don’t have to understand every aspect of a new program to get on board with the vision behind it. A new boss could help you grow your career in ways you never imagined before. A new cube mate could become a fun and beneficial member of the team. And, a new project could help you build your knowledge and grow your skill set. When change happens, instead of fearing what you can’t predict – or even control – get motivated about the new challenges and endless possibilities ahead of you.