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Product Line

Express offers a full range of staffing and creative business solutions. We strive to broaden and diversify our client base by providing full service human resource solutions. Solutions available through our office include:

Short-term and long-term staffing

The benefits of short-term and long-term staffing include helping to ensure the quality and quantity of work will continue to be produced while a core employee is absent or help is needed with a special project. This type of staffing also saves you the overtime premium you would pay for another core employee to handle the day-to-day duties of an absent worker.

Evaluation hire

Evaluation hire is a process that allows you to evaluate an associate’s productivity, attendance, attitude, skills, and so forth for a pre-determined period before making a full-time hiring decision. Likewise, this type of staffing allows the associate to determine if the position is one they would be happy with on a full-time basis.

Direct hire

Direct hire involves recruiting and placing candidates in full-time core positions with your company for a fee. Direct hire saves you time and cost of extensive recruiting. This type of staffing will help you increase productivity and quality by allowing us to provide highly qualified individuals who have been carefully selected and pre-qualified.

Professional search

Professional search provides access to qualified professionals across our network for full-time positions. We have the recruitment experience and expertise to deliver professionals who meet detailed technical specifications. The professional search service line involves placing professionals n a number of specialties.

Human resource solutions

We provide experienced consultants, trainers, and program developers in numerous areas relating to the workforce and workplace. This can save you time and money, and increase production using solutions designed to solve specific challenges. Some of the solutions offered by Express Business Solutions include the following:

-Human Resource Seminars

-Training and Development

-Human Resource Compliance Audits

-Human Resource Hotline Services

-Human Resource Consulting

-Risk Management Consulting

-Employee Handbooks

-Organizational Effectiveness Surveys (OES)